Tournoi du Faucon Noir


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Calling all squires, ladies, attendants, mistrels, cooks, heralds, spectators, seat warmers, gadabouts, and other fine people...  Join us in a non-combat role at the Deed Of Arms.

The entrance fee is a meager $5.00 and covers fresh air, gorgeous scenery, a day of combat, and all the pageantry and comradery you desire.  Join us!  General rules below.

Palmer Accords

General Presentation

Each participant is expected to arrive in panoply. That is, knights preceded by their squire, in harness, and under a banner or standard proclaiming their arms and device. Squires should be dressed in appropriate manner for the 14th or 15th century. If a pavilion is brought, it should be erected prior to the Deed proper (time will be allotted upon site opening). Intrusive modern elements should be kept to a minimum. Cameras and phones are allowed, but should be positioned in such a way as to give both combatants and other photographers several clear lines of sight without modern intrusions, so as to maintain the atmosphere.

All combatants are guaranteed three trials of arms against another combatant at a minimum. After all such passes have been completed, combatants are free to challenge one another until time has run out. Squires are guaranteed at least one fight within the Lists.

Field of Combat

The field of combat shall be approximately 30’x40’ with gates centered in the middle of one long end. Banners of all participants shall be displayed along one long end, the other long end will be the area for spectators. Chairs, benches, or pavilions may be erected in the spectator area for comfort. However, only medieval tents or pavilions may be placed on the other sides, so as to maintain atmosphere.